So here’s the thing… a r t (and Ninjago)


I can’t recall if I mentioned it, but I went crystal digging a couple days ago and I think I forgot to put sunscreen on my ear and then I then I messed with it, and now it hurts ☹️ (Edit April 25 2022: I found out a couple days after this post that it was NOT in fact a sunburn, it was because I got my ear burnt with a curling iron and forgot about it XD)

Anyway, I’m on a ROLL with this drawing thing so here I am again! The weekend is almost over and I probably won’t post again for while.

Here we have more ✨Jaya✨ because I can’t ✨stop✨. But even better than Jaya, it’s Jaya in the RAIN!!! Funny story behind this work actually; last year we had a really rainy spring, and so I decided, ‘HEY! I should drawing something to do with rain!’ So I actually drew ALL the Ninja in the rain together in my sketchbook. Over time, I traced the drawing onto my iPad, but I had a hard time figuring out how to color it at the time, so I never finished. Until now! I actually redrew the whole thing digitally, and today I finally colored and shaded! Just Jay and Nya though cause I ran out of layers. If anyone is interested in the stages this drawing went through I may post them. If no one is interested I might post it anyway.

And now, for the thing I’ve spent A L L evening on (and somehow sort of finished?)…

Ta da!! Glowy ninja! After drawing water Nya with that glowy effect, I thought it looked cool and I wanted to do it more. So I almost drew a bunch of water Nyas, until I remembered there is a LOT of glowy eyes in this show. So I used this as an opportunity to both display (and practice) my designs of the Ninja OTHER than Jay and Nya, and also use the light pen in Procreate because I LOVE IT

Yes, I drew Lloyd twice (ironically). Yes, Zane didn’t get much attention (I CANT DRAW HIS FRIGGIN HAIR~)

Here is the same thing but with the references I used

I took a few creative liberties i.e. I want to draw Jays hair always

I dunno why I don’t draw Kai more, I think he’s awesome. If he and Skylor get any screen time together this coming season, maybe I will

That’s about it for now! Thank you and I wish you a good week!

Ps: One week until my birthday 🥳

Song recommendation: Pompeii by Bastille. It’s my sad song. To counter it, Catch and Release by Matt Simons is my happy song 🎶

This is so cute to me, I love it