HAPPY ’22!!!!!!

Wowie wow wow wow! What a year! It’s truly insane to be here, I honestly can’t get over how interestly WEIRD it is to EXIST-

It currently 1 am for me, but I’m about to have a massive word dump because I WANT TO, and so many cool things have happened in the last few weeks

Ahoy, mateys, welcome to 2022

Okay so what I really wanted to do was like a art piece wrap up to show how much I’ve improved! But I think I’ll do that in the morning

So first off I’d like to announce that our baby guinea pigs were born!!!!!!!!! Caramel had a very, very easy birth (we came home and BOOM babies), and she produced four little balls of floof on the 17th of December. THEY ARE SO STINKIN CUTE >O<

I don’t have pictures at the moment, but their names are Xena, Mufasa/Merlin, Alfred, and Cookie/Little Bit. Not completely settled on some of the names. We call Cookie Little Bit because they were the runt and they’re soooooo little and cuteeee. We aren’t entirely sure of gender yet.

It’s really cute because Ginny, our older piggy, acts kinda like a grouchy but affectionate grandmother. She doesn’t seem to mind the babies too much. Sometimes if they’re annoying her (sometimes they try nursing her even though she doesn’t milk XD) she’ll sorta buck her head but she’s pretty nice other than that.

The hardest part about having 6 guinea pigs is that there is so. much. poo. And worse still is that the babies are JUST the right size to get their whole bodies in the food bowl. So then they poo IN the food bowl and it’s VERY ANNOYING. I still love them though.

Okay, in other news, I had a Merry Christmas!!! I’m sorry, Bea that I did not participate in your Christmas tag! I really wanted to but I simply could not find the time! SO INSTEAD I’M PLUGGING YOUR BLOG! EVERYBODY GO LOOK AT THE BEAHIVE CAUSE IT’S AN AWESOME BLOG RUN BY AN AWESOME HUMANISH PERSON

I got some new drawing stuff for Christmas which again, I unfortunately can’t show a picture because 1) I’m too lazy to take a photo at the moment and 2) I can’t take pictures if I wanted to because my darn icloud is too full.

I ALSO got a Luna Lovegood barbie doll which is AWESOME, and DICE!!!!! I got four new sets of Dungeons and Dragons dice! Yes, I do play Dnd on occasion, but I also just like the clicky clackys *screeches in dice goblin*

Today (or yesterday rather) was my sisters birthday!!! We had a wonderful day, we went to the park and played some video games and ate crappy donuts from Homeland because all of our local donuts shops were freaking closed-

And then we all stayed up until midnight!! We watched Alice in Wonderland (2010) (live action version) and then we watched Cars 2 BOTH of which are very good movies. One of these days I’m going to draw fanart of the Hatter and Alice because I maybe kind of ship them a little bit… Not really in a full on relationship way though? Idk, they just have such good chemistry! I like them as friends, but they should be friends that kiss every now and again. In a friendly way, you know? Does that make any sense????? Like platonic soulmates!!

Now for a 2021 big picture wrap up, a positive expectation for ’22, and then I’m going to BED

At the beginning of this year I’d say I was in a bit of a different headspace, like I was sad and feely more often. But I remember thinking at the end of 2020, “I have to change something. I don’t know what, but I’ve gotta start practicing habits that make me feel better.” It seemed really hard at the time, but you know what? I succeeded! This year, though it has been rough worldwide, I do feel very thankful for it due to my own personal journey and growth. I’ve cut back on the internet, I have a more consistent sleep schedule, I’ve even discovered a faith that resonates with me! I’ve made so many new friends, and my older relationships have become even more solid than before. And my art! My beautiful art! I’m so proud of my growth, in all areas, and I don’t plan on quitting! I have many goals for this year, and I intend to accomplish SOMETHING!

So, here are my ‘New Years Resolutions’ or else, goals for ’22

  1. Have a solid schedule for my day, and stay focused in my work
  2. Reorganize room
  3. Start going to bed earlier
  4. Repaint this plastic ninja I found in a bath-bomb so that it looks like Jay
  5. Organize my photos
  6. Draw everyday or every other day
  7. Good weather
  8. Meditate more consistently
  9. Blog more often
  10. Eliminate negative words from my vocabulary

There are ten things! I plan to shape and change this list, add things on and take things off as I go. This is going to be a good year 🙂

To anyone that has had a rough time this year, this message is for you: Life is like a roller coaster, and there will always be ups and downs. You will experience bad times again, but you will also have so many good times. There is a saying which states that ‘hard times make strong people, and strong people create good times. But good times create weak people, and weak people create bad times. Bad times create strong people…’ and so on and so forth. I believe in you, and I believe that things will be good again. I love you, and it’s all gonna be okay 🫂

And to those of you that are also traveling on a journey of self-whatever-goodness, I am so proud of you and I encourage you to keep going! Never stop, reach every star you strive for!

A moment, for Betty White 🙏 May she rest peacefully, knowing she went out with a bang (and literal fireworks), leaving behind beautiful legacy.


This year is gonna be good. I wish for rain! I wish for Silksong to release! I wish for wonderful days for the humanish people! I wish a Happy Birthday to my sister!

Okay now it’s really late and I feel a little bad about not sleeping yet. But it’s fine. I’m not rereading this post for typos or anything, so, yeah. Thank you for reading my string of thoughts, it means so much to me. I hope you have a Happy New Year, I’mma go slep now bye

Songs that wont leave my brain: Be Alright by Dean Lewis, Play That Song by Train, and We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Encanto

ps: Anybody seen Encanto yet??


  1. Bea says:

    Happy New Year, Izzy! (You still okay with me calling you that? I just remember you mentioning you wanted to be referred to as that, and I’m trying to help make it stick. If you don’t like it let me know because I get so anxious about these things😅)
    Congratulations on the baby guinea pigs!!!😆 They sound so cute!!! Haha, we have chickens, and they all consistently poop in their WATER BOWL!?!? Right now it’s frozen, but they continue to poop on it…animals, amirite?😂
    Happy Birthday to your sister!!!🎉
    Oh yes, let us talk about Encanto for a moment. The animation? STUPENDOUS. The songs? INCREDIBLY CATCHY WE DON’T TALK ABOUT BRUNO IS PERMANENTLY STUCK IN MY MIND. But the plot was lackluster for me.🤷‍♀️ Maybe I need to watch it again. Or maybe I’m just incredibly picky.😅 That’s probably the correct answer. But all in all, a very entertaining movie. Love me some Lin Manuel Miranda!
    Anywayyyyy, I hope you have a wonderful 2022.🌟✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year, Bea!! And I definitely don’t mind you calling me Izzy, but it is definitely strange to addressed as by my real name by someone across the internet 🤔 I may pick a nickname someday? Or not, who knows! But either way you’re totally fine!
      I must post pictures of my piggies soon. They’re growing so fast DX And I truly don’t understand the pooping thing. Like, okay the babies in the food bowl I get, but the water bowl which no sense! You’d think after the second time their water tastes bad they would like, not? Then again I guess I’ve seen one of my guinea pigs eat something that… shouldn’t.. have been eaten….. Also guinea pigs have no bowel control, they’re like rabbits
      YES EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT ENCANTO!!! Like, the plot was pretty good, but the climax seemed so flat. This seems to be a reoccurring theme in the recent animated Disney films which I’ve seen. Raya and the Last Dragon was beautiful and fun and I loved the fight scenes, but the pacing was poor. In Encanto they spent so much time with the build up, which was really good, but the play off felt too short and I was left with some unanswered questions. It was still a good movie though! Very pretty, and I loved the focus on developing all the characters, that was nice.
      Okay, I know we have this thing where we always apologize for long comments, but I really think I’ve used too many words this time ‘XD Hope you don’t mind.
      Here’s to another year of learning, healing, growing, arting and blogging! Thank you for being so kind 😌🙃 Happy New Years!

      Liked by 1 person

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